IntelliRoll® FIRM & FLEXY Foam Roller Combo

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IntelliRoll® FIRM & FLEXY Foam Roller Combo

The IntelliRoll® FIRM foam roller is created with firmer foam and a rigid core. It is perfect for those seasoned foam roller users or those who prefer firm pressure.

The New FLEXY is created with a slightly softer density and smaller diameter than the FLEX, it is the perfect self-care tool for those who need tender but steady touch to release pressure and tension in all the right areas.

The IntelliRoll® provides the daily dose of targeted self-massage necessary to recover from activity quickly and easily. It's also an effective tool for reducing pain and accumulated muscle tension associated with our daily physical demands.

  • The anatomically-correct design allows the Intelliroll to improve posture, increase mobility, reduce pain and improve performance.

  • Your answer to muscle soreness: the Intelliroll erodes trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain.

  • Ingenious design: the surface of the Intelliroll contains specially designed spine and body zones reach more muscle area while protecting against vertebral compression.

  • Firm (black), Flex (blue) and Flexy (pink) densities available to fit all comfort levels.

  • Eva material - durable and high-quality foam.