IntelliRoll® FLEXY Foam Roller

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IntelliRoll® FLEXY

The IntelliRoll® FLEXY foam roller is crafted with a flexible foam core, (the softest of our rollers), and with the highest quality EVA foam on the outside for durability and comfort. Its 20-inch length is designed for optimal stability. Built to last, it is ideal for new foam roll users or for those who prefer light-to-medium pressure.

IntelliRoll® FLEXY is the perfect self-care tool, providing the self-massage necessary to recover from any activity, quickly and easily. FLEXY is particularly great for rehabilitative needs because it delivers the most tender but steady pressure of all IntelliRoll® foam roll models. Accumulated muscle tension associated with our daily demands melt away with regular use of the IntelliRoll® FLEXY.

Its anatomical design has multi-zone technology and benefits. The SPINE ZONE targets the spinal muscles, which run bilaterally along the spine, while simultaneously protecting the vertebrae. The patented, concave BODY ZONES target all the hard-to-reach areas like the hip flexors, rhomboids (between the shoulder blades), and low-back muscles.

Foam rolling with the IntelliRoll® improves posture, increases mobility, reduces pain and enhances performance. It breaks up trigger points, helps restore flexibility, and brings quick relief to common types of muscular pain. Every purchase comes with an exclusive spine-care and daily recovery program.

Join the IntelliRoll® movement, helping you move better and feel better, today.

IntelliRoll® FLEXY Foam Roller